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    What They Say About Us


David Brinker

Debra and her team are very thorough. I’ve always felt that I’ve had the best representation with her and her team.

Lori Newton-Anderson

Debra was very professional and caring. I had to work with her from Wisconsin. She kept me informed and updated on all activities promptly. I put my complete faith in her to take care of my business. I strongly recommend her. 

Joe Lee

Needless to say, I was so fortunate to cross paths with Deb Fortenberry and her Team. I was fours year involved with a brutal and fraudulent real estate claim, with no end in site. My previous representation failed to develop the case and my back was against the wall, with looming deadlines which we needed to meet. Deb took me under her wing and created the framework which we needed to get my case to trial. We had sufficient evidence and she lead the team to a successful verdict. I am thankful for her and her many Team Members. Remember that this process is long and painful - please stay engaged and see it through to the end.

Josh Weatherill

Debra Fortenberry is one of the most knowledgeable and hardworking attorneys I have the pleasurer of working with. Debra shows great compassion and patience with her clients and their situations. I would highly recommend the Fortenberry Law Group. 

Sam Whitley

 Working with Debra and her team was a very pleasant experience. The inter-phase of my legal problems, as I understand them, and her translation into legal terminology that I could understand, and that worked perfectly within the legal system, was seamless and represented me perfectly in the successful resolution of my case. I strongly recommend her and her team to represent anyone with a legal problem. She is a consummate attorney. 

Marcy Langlois

Debra Fortenberry and her team at Fortenberry Law were amazing in every sense of the way. Foremost, their knowledge and commitment to excellence is second to none. Every question we had was answered. They went above and beyond to make sure that we understood what was happening and helped to guide us in our decision-making. Our case ended in a two week jury trial that we won! We were offered settlements along the way to avoid a trial but there was never an acceptable resolution. We stayed the course because it was the right thing to do- to see it through to the end. We feel like Fortenberry Law's core values of integrity, moral principle and justice aligned with who we are and firmly believe this is why we won our case! We can't recommend them highly enough.

Heather Caldwell

Debra Fortenberry and her team are amazing. We worked with her for more than a year and a half and she helped us diligently for the entire time. She listens and has great advice. I call her a pit bull with grace because she’s tough and firm when it counts but a true diplomat and negotiator when needed. You would be lucky to have her on your side and unlucky to be working against her. Her team is first class and they make sure you feel heard and valued. I recommend this firm wholeheartedly.


Jeff Reynolds, Constant Care of Colorado Springs

 The absolute best legal counsel available in Colorado Springs. Outstanding in business, real estate, legal document prep, and understanding of state/federal statutes. As a client of Fortenberry Law, I've been very pleased.

Stephanie Adams, Property Manager

 As a property manager of three communities, I don't want or trust anyone but Fortenberry Law Group as our attorney. Through our work together and your guidance over the years, I learned to negotiate and stay out of court a heck of a lot more than I used to. The firm my boss hired after the properties sold does not compare with the way you handle your practice and the professionalism all around. I will beg, send gift baskets, offer my Tennessee Walker up for horseback rides, anything to have you back as a member of our team and keep it that way.

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